Fresh Beauty has always been one of our favourite skincare brands. We love what the brand stands for and my sister and I are both avid users of their products.

We had the chance this weekend to celebrate with Fresh the launch of their most anticipated product yet in an overnight beauty retreat. Fresh just launched their Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping mask, an innovative 2 step beauty mask and we were very excited to try it first hand.

We checked in at the ultra modern William Gray hotel. Situated in the Montreal Old Port, this hotel was the perfect choice as it is perfectly located, a stone’s throw from Place Jacques Cartier (the pedestrian heart of the action of the Montreal Old Port).

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The hotel is composed of two restored historic buildings and is both modern and classic. From the glass atrium, to the modern art to the pool table, everything spelled comfort and class.

We headed up to our room on the upper floors of the hotel with a striking view of the Jacques Cartier bridge and the Montreal wheel. We had just enough time to unwind before getting ready for the dinner with the Fresh team at the hotel’s restaurant, the Maggie Oaks.

Our favorite spot in the room was the leather long chair facing the amazing Old Port view.

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The entrance of the Maggie Oaks is quite impressive with the massive wine cellar and a glass display showcasing ageing prime beef. 

Loved the stunning rose inspired table decor, the specially designed menu with Rose themed drinks (the most delicious cocktails!) and the outstanding choice of dishes featuring local produce.

Pampering session on: Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping mask

We headed back to the room after dinner, excited for the last leg of our Fresh experience: the Fresh night in. A surprise was waiting for us in the bedroom. The bed was covered in rose petals and we had both the Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping mask and the most comfortable pjs waiting for us on the bed to start our Fresh pamper session.

The Fresh team had also set up the side table with a Fresh Sugar candle and the sea berry hand cream.

We were excited to try the mask. Our over stressed skin always needs a break and the 2 in 1 treatment that drenches the skin in moisture and locks the moisture in overnight seemed the perfect solution. This mask was inspired by Fresh co-founder’s Lev Glazman’s love of multi tasking. It works in 2 steps to save time and hydrate twice as much.

First step is to apply the cooling gel essence with calming rose water. Gently apply in an upward motion. Both our skins felt so smooth and hydrated thanks to the Damask rose extract. The hyaluronic acid does enhance the plumping effect as it acts like a sponge to plump skin by drawing additional moisture.

Headed to the bathroom for a quick shower before proceeding with Step 2. The clean white marble bathroom was a dream, decked out in an amazing array of Fresh products, from exfoliating creams, to face cleansers to moisturizers to Sugar lip treatments.

The rainforest shower felt so relaxing; the shower also had three individual heads for a spa like experience.

The key ingredients of the Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask are:

Rosewater: to sooth, tone and comfort the skin

Dual time release liquid patches: to help trap all moisture throughout the night

Rose damascena extract: to improve hydration for supple skin (from Bulgarian roses)

Hyaluronic acid: for a smooth and plumping effect

Evening primrose root extract: to add suppleness

Rose Flower oil: to hydrate and nourish the skin

The mask is available at Sephora and The price is $60

On to Step 2: We applied the silky water cream mask. This step locks in all the hydration thanks to the time release liquid patches and primerose extract it contains.

We woke up with super hydrated, dewy skin. Our skin did feel radiant and nourished.

We both loved this mask. It is not only hydrating but very light. We can say that we consider it the best skincare release of the year so far.

We had an amazing breakfast delivered to the room and an additional surprise of the most delicious rose infused tea delivered by the ever knowledgeable and wonderful staff of the William Gray.

Finally, it was sadly time to leave. We had the most amazing time and enjoyed every minute of this getaway. We highly recommend this mask as it may be the best Fresh release to date.

**This post is in collaboration with Fresh Beauty. However, our unbiased opinions are our own.***


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