Most of you know that Dior makes some of the best skincare around. Even the best complexions can benefit from rejuvenated skin. The CAPTURE YOUTH line is Dior’s most versatile skincare line. You can target any issues by mixing and matching the line’s wide range of serums depending on the benefits you want to achieve. We love the versatility of these serums as they really do allow to find the most effective combination for any skin issue.

Dior has recently released new additions to the line (Age Delay). We have tested the Capture Youth New Skin effect Enzyme Solution, the Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Eye Treatment and the Capture Youth Intense Rescue serum. We highly recommend this particular combination of products as we found it great. It definitely helped in achieving glowing, hydrated skin in no time.

We will start with our favorite product (the second step of the Age delay regimen). The Intense Rescue face serum is both a face oil and a serum. It has age reversing benefits as it replenishes lipids and protects the skin’s barrier against dryness. For optimal results, we used the New Skin Effect Enzyme solution first to prime and prepare skin to receive the serum.

With Intense Rescue, to repair and hydrate stressed skin is the name of the game. The ingredients are Argan Oil (great for hydration), fatty acids that help strengthen the skin & an antioxidant (Iris Florentina) to help stimulate skin cells and preserve a youthful appearance. Love applying this serum!. You only need a small amount and it doesn’t feel like oil at all. It soaks into the skin and smells really good. It is super nourishing and hydrating.


You can add 2 or 3 drops directly to the Capture Youth creme (not featured here) to make it into a super cream or apply directly on face as part of your nightly routine (serves as a moisturizing oil) or apply to specific areas of the face to target and nourish.

The New Skin Effect Enzyme Solution lotion for face is actually the first step in the youth regimen. This solution is like a toner; it cleans the skin and eliminates dead skin cells.

This Age-Delay Resurfacing water instantly boosts the skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. This first layer of hydration adds freshness and preps the skin for the Capture Youth skincare routine.

The ingredients of this Enzyme solution are exfoliating papaya enzymes and Iris Florentina as an antioxidant.


You can soak a cotton pad in lotion and apply on the face or apply the lotion with fingertips directly on skin. This lotion could also be used as a mask: to brighten a dull complexion, just soak cotton pads in lotion and place them on face for 10 minutes for an extra boost.

Last but not least, the Advanced Eye Treatment is amazing for nourishing the eye contour, preventing eye wrinkles, de-puffing and decreasing under eye bags. It super hydrates the eye area for a more youthful look.

An interesting ingredient in this eye treatment is crithmum, a natural filling agent with properties similar to retinol. The botanical ingredients are also amazing to brighten and decongest the eye area.


You can directly massage from the eye contour to the upper eyelid to hydrate and nourish or use as a mask by adding an extra layer to boost tired eyes.

You can shop Dior’s CAPTURE YOUTH products at DIOR beauty counters, online site and SEPHORA.

***products kindly provided by Dior for our unbiased review.*****


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