A year ago, DIOR caused a stir with Hydra Life. Today, Hydra Life has an even more enhanced signature. 83% natural ingredients, fresh sorbet textures that create a sensory explosion and a prebiotic that resynchronizes the skin, this skin line is amazing for naturally beautiful skin.

The Sorbet program offers women all their skin daily needs in 3 steps. The common theme is the iconic ingredients of Hydra Life, Mallow and Haberlea extracts, which boost water circulation within the skin and stimulate skin flora responsible for its natural defenses.

PREP THE SKIN with the Balancing Hydration 2-in-1 Sorbet water.

This astonishing fresh 2 in 1 beauty water was developed to simultaneously moisturize and rebalance the skin.

After cleansing, bare skin is both more vulnerable and highly responsive so this crystalline lotion moisturizes the skin, strengthens it and diminishes minor imperfections (dilated pores, shine, redness).

The 3 star ingredients in this are; mineral powders, fermented sugars (a powerful prebiotic) and jasmine water.

The skin feels hydrated and soft.

REHYDRATE with the Aqua Serum hydration intense

This lightweight serum nourishes dehydrated skin and acts on facial features like an intensive yoga session for the body- soothes and strengthens. It also protects the skin against daily assaults. The star ingredients in this one are Mallow butter and camomile extract.

AWAKEN THE LOOK with the Cooling Hydration-sorbet eye gel (anti-fatigue)

Radiance begins with the eyes. This eye gel delivers a unique freshness to awaken the eye contour. The 3 star ingredients in this are: anti inflammatory corn flower water, micronized mineral powders and Abyssinica oil.

For complete anti-fatigue action, massage into the eyelids, eyebrows and temples.


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